Return On Investment

Rapid Return on Investment with Flexi Forklifts

There is a very rapid ROI with the Flexi Forklift. It can be said that you are not really buying a forklift when you invest in a Flexi Narrow Aisle Lift Trucks. Instead, you are acquiring additional warehouse space at a lower cost than it can be acquired otherwise, by buying, building, renting or leasing more space. An additional benefit is that this additional space is available without an increase in real estate taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance expenses that would accompany its acquisition by any other means. In some applications the Flexi can unload trailers at the dock and move the goods directly into the aisle. This eliminates the need for additional equipment and personnel at the dock, and allows you to rack the staging area (if you’re currently using reach trucks, double reach trucks or swing reach trucks) for more pallet positions.

With a Flexi Forklift, you’re merely converting aisle space that you are already paying for, to additional storage positions. This is accomplished by narrowing your aisles from 10′ plus as currently configured to the 6′ or 7′ that is needed to operate a Flexi Narrow Aisle articulating forklift.

The required investment differential between a Flexi and a conventional forklift, or reach truck, pales in comparison to the cost of investing in additional warehouse space.

Depending on your current warehouse layout, the Flexi will allow you to gain 25-50% more pallet positions compared to a conventional forklift, and 25-30% more pallet positions compared to a narrow aisle reach truck!

Flexi’s Rapid ROI is oftentimes favorable when compared to turret and swing reach forklifts too.

At an initial investment of roughly half that of turret and swing reach trucks, using the Flexi results in almost the same number of pallet positions, and makes the Flexi an attractive alternative.

With proper operation and scheduled maintenance, the economic useful life of a Flexi is comfortably 15,000 hours. Depending on your current situation, your Rapid ROI could be as quick as just one year.

During the economic useful life of the equipment, the maintenance cost of the Flexi will be about 50% less than the cost to service and maintain turret and swing reach trucks.

Most everyone will agree that the cost of maintenance is directly proportional to the number of moving parts, and the number of moving parts in a Flexi is significantly less than these other models.

For help determining your company’s specific Rapid ROI please select the Contact option from our Menu to obtain individual email and phone information, or call us at 214-819-4180. With answers to a few questions we’ll help you calculate your savings and the Rapid ROI you’ll experience by choosing the Flexi very narrow aisle forklift solution that’s right for your company!

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Flexi Forklifts are a leader of the Narrow Aisle and Very Narrow Aisle forklift market.

The Flexi Articulating Forklift directly competes with Bendi Forklifts, Reach Trucks, Turret Trucks, Aisle Master Forklifts, Swing Reach Turret Trucks and Drexel Forklifts.

In most cases the Flexi Forklift will end up providing you with more storage space than you would be able to acquire with the latter, effectively saving you money, time and space.

The Flexi forklift is the ideal Cold Storage Forklift application! Instead of investing in additional costly cold storage warehouse real estate, consider investing in the much more price savvy option, the Flexi Narrow Aisle Electric Forklift.