How to Operate a Flexi Forklift

All types of forklifts require training in order to operate, and practice in order to be utilized effectively, and efficiently.  That’s true for the Flexi too.  It’s easy to learn to operate a Flexi. Here is a link to a video showing the basic steps required to store and retrieve loads with a Flexi.

  1. Left hand on steering knob, drive forward.
  2. Keep straight in aisle when approaching pallet to be handled.
  3. Keep 6′ away from rack on opposite side of load to be handled.
  4. Drive straight forward until leading edge of front tire is even with center stringer of pallet to be handled.
  5. Turn front end 90 degrees without traveling.
  6. Drive forward while steering the forks into the pallet. 
  7. Lift/tilt/side-shift as necessary until load is stabilized.
  8. Drive in reverse while steering the load straight out of the rack (continue to steer in the same direction as you did when entering the pallet.)
  9. When the pallet has cleared the rack, turn truck straight and proceed forward or reverse in the aisle.

For printable basic steps click here: Flexi Operating Directions

When you’ve mastered these easy steps, contact us if you need a few tips.

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