Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Flexi Very Narrow Aisle Articulating Forklift.

What size battery is used in a Flexi?

  • All Flexi batteries are 48 volts. Amp Hour Capacity (AHC) varies by model.
    • 675 AHC for Flexi VNA and EURO AC 1000 Models
    • 750 AHC for Flexi AC 1200 and AC 1250 Models
    • 875 AHC for Flexi HiLOAD and HiMAX Models.

Is Flexi available with LP power?

  • Not since 2008. LP powered articulating forklift trucks cost thousands of dollars per year more to operate than electric powered Flexi forklift trucks.  Downtime is more frequent, and they don’t live as long as Flexi electric models making LP power a very expensive option.
  • You can literally buy a brand new battery each and every year and still save money over the cost of operating an LP powered articulating forklift truck.

What is the Flexi’s Economic Useful Life?

  • We aren’t absolutely sure yet. Since introducing Flexi to the America’s in 2001 we still find properly maintained 2001 to 2003 model Flexi’s in daily use.  Some of these older Flexi’s are working full shifts side-by-side with newer Flexi’s.
  • Flexi’s Economic Useful Life can exceed typical Fair Market Value lease terms. Because of this we recommend Flexi users considering Fair Market Value leases  also consider Fixed Purchase Option leases “just in case” they want to purchase their Flexi’s at the end of the lease.  Oftentimes the payments are exactly the same, with the only difference being the fixed end of lease purchase price.

How much training is required in order to learn how to operate a Flexi?

  • Very little training required for operators familiar with operating conventional forklift trucks. Flexi controls are very similar to conventional forklift trucks in location  and function.  Here is a link to a video showing the basic steps required to store and retrieve loads with a Flexi.

What is the minimum Aisle Width for a Flexi Narrow Aisle Articulating Forklift?

  • Typical aisle widths range from 6’ wide to 7’ wide depending on model, capacity, load size, and pallet gap.
  • Please contact us if you’d like us to help you determine the minimum aisle width recommendation for your application.

How much does a Flexi cost?

  • $0 when Flexi proves to be the right solution. Oftentimes a Flexi solution is fully paid for in 2 years or less with the savings Flexi generates over the cost to acquire the amount of additional real estate required if Flexi wasn’t chosen as the solution.
  • Of course there is an initial invest required for a Flexi. Because we offer 5 basic Flexi models – and multiple variations of each one – please contact us for a quote in order to learn what your investment will be.

How long does a Flexi battery last?

  • Flexi batteries are sized to provide power for a full shift of operation in typical applications.

Can Flexi use High Frequency Opportunity or Fast-Charge type battery charging systems?

  • Yes! Your favorite forklift battery company will help you determine what is best for your company’s operation.

What are the special requirements of technicians servicing and repairing a Flexi?

  • None – Flexi can be maintained by any competent electric forklift technician.
  • Our Flexi Helpline phone number is affixed to each side of the overhead guard posts to provide access to technical assistance when required.

Is the Flexi dealer the only forklift dealer authorized to service and maintain Flexi?

  • We recommend you use a forklift dealer who sells Flexi for your service.
  • If you choose to use someone else we will fully support your preferred forklift service company.

How readily available are Flexi parts?

  • Virtually 100% of the parts required to keep your Flexi on the job are in-stock at our Dallas, Texas distribution center.
  • If for some reason your part isn’t available, we will remove the part you need from 1 of the many new Flexi chassis we keep in-stock.


How high can a Flexi lift?

  • Lift heights over 500” / 12 m are available.

Are Flexi’s wire or rail guided?

  • Like other counterbalanced rider forklift trucks, Flexi’s drive their loads in and out of the rack.
  • Even in aisles as narrow as 6’ to 7’ Flexi typically has at least 30” to 36” of clearance in the aisle. This allows for safe, quick, operator controlled travel in the aisle.

How much weight can a Flexi lift?

  • Models are available that can lift 5,500 lbs. / 2500 kg.
    • 4,500 lbs. / 2000 kg to 245” / 6200 mm

How do Flexi cycle times compare to the other major types of forklift trucks?

  • According to a European Materials Handling Federation Test, Flexi produces cycle times:
    • 87% as quick as Class I electric counterbalanced rider forklift trucks
    • 18% quicker than turret/swing reach forklift trucks

    • 37% quicker than narrow aisle reach trucks.

Is Flexi expensive to maintain?

  • No.
    • Flexi maintenance costs are very similar to the major brand’s Class I electric counterbalanced rider forklift trucks.
    • Flexi costs about 25% less to maintain than narrow aisle reach trucks
    • Flexi is significantly less costly to maintain than complicated turret/swing reach forklift trucks
    • Flexi has been documented to be over 40% less costly to maintain than competitive brands.

If I’m using conventional forklift trucks, how many more pallets can a Flexi store?

  • 30% to 50% more depending on your warehouse configuration.

If I’m using reach type forklift trucks, how many more pallets can a Flexi store?

  • 20% to 25% more depending on your warehouse configuration.

Why does Flexi use front wheel drive instead of rear wheel drive?

  • Most all counterbalanced rider forklift trucks use front wheel drive. With front wheel drive as load weight increases so too does the forklift truck’s traction.
  • Front wheel drive gives Flexi the advantage of powering the drive wheels at all times with the steering at any angle.
  • The rear wheel drive competitor’s forklift requires separate motors for the left and right drive wheels. They cannot power the drive wheel they are mated to at steering angles greater than 45° forward at the same time or else their forklift would not be able to turn at all.  This places exceptional stress and strain on one motor or the other when picking and placing loads, or turning for any reason.

How long as Flexi been in production?

  • Production began in the UK in 1990. Thousands of Flexi’s are in service in all parts of the world.

Where are Flexi’s manufactured?

  • Flexi’s are manufactured in 2 plants
    • The original plant in the UK
    • Under a manufacturing agreement to Flexi specs with Tailift in Taiwan (majority owned by Toyota).

What is Flexi’s warranty?

  • Flexi’s warranty is 3 years / 3,000 hours except for normal wear items
  • 5 years / 5,000 hours on the steering gear.


  1. How do I find a local Flexi dealer?

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