Why Should You Choose the Flexi Narrow Aisle Articlating Forklift?

Flexi enables you to store more in less space at a lower cost because of its ability to work in narrow aisles as small as 6’ to 7’ wide with standard 40” X 48” pallets.

Typical storage gains are:

• 30% to 40% greater than conventional forklift trucks
• 15% to 20% greater than reach trucks
• 85% to 90% of the pallet positions achieved with turret trucks and swing reach forklifts at less than half of the initial investment, with significantly less maintenance, and more “up time” as a result.

All of the features of conventional forklifts are included in the Flexi too:

• Easy to use controls.
• Easy to operate.
• Competitively quick cycle times.
• Depending on application, can move product from trailer to rack and back.

Flexi is famous for its low maintenance cost:

• Typically 40% less to maintain than its direct competition.
• Similar to conventional electric forklifts with the added bonus of working in very narrow aisles.
• Significantly less than more complicated reach trucks or turret trucks, double reach forklifts, swing reach trucks.
• Easily serviced by any competent electric forklift technician.
• Requires no proprietary codes or computers to service and maintain,
• PM service time is the same as conventional electric forklifts.

You’ll find the BEST components available in the world in each Flexi. Here are some of the components responsible for our low operating cost and an exceptionally long economic useful life.

• Zapi controllers
• Zapi / Schabmüller electric motors, perfectly matched to the controller.
• Hoesch steel for the mast rails
• Danfoss hydraulic pumps
• Knott brakes
• Continental MH20 tires
• Lift-Tek quad masts
• Grammer 3-way adjustable suspension seats

Unsurpassed Flexi parts and service support.

• Starts with your local Flexi dealer.
• Includes factory direct technical support.
• Every critical part is available from our Dallas distribution center. Orders place by 3:30 PM CST can ship same day.
• In the rare case, if the part is not in stock it can be obtained from a new truck in inventory.
• Flexi Helpline. Decals with our Helpline number are affixed to each overhead guard leg in English and Spanish.


Factory contact information available in our Dealer Portal.

Unsurpassed visibility.

  • Cantilever overhead guard with no front post to block forward vision.
  • Precisely engineered overhead guard design to enhance upward view of load and rack.
  • High seating position aids operator visibility in all directions.

Easy and safe battery removal.

  • Pulls out from the back with a pallet jack or another forklift truck
    • No special, expensive battery handling equipment required.
    • Battery stand built into the battery tray
    • Free standing / no special battery stand required.
    • No expensive components located under the battery
    • Nothing to be damaged if battery acids overflows.
    • Watch online by clicking here!

Front Wheel Drive and Steer.

  • Like conventional forklift trucks, Flexi uses front wheel drive to pull itself into loads because it is          easier to pull than it is to push.
    • Weight of the load ADDS traction, enhancing both driving and steering.
    • Balanced weight distribution both loaded AND unloaded.

Full size elastic (cushion) tires on all 4 wheels.

  • Best for traction.
    • Smoother ride over all surfaces including rough floors and dock plates.
    • Optional tire choices for all 4 wheels include
    *  Non-marking
    *  Polyurethane
      *  Lug type tread
      *  Smooth tread.

Separate hydraulic pumps and motors for steering and mast functions.

  • 1 pump and motor dedicated to steering, 1 pump and motor dedicated to mast functions.
    • Articulating forklifts require simultaneous use of steering, and hydraulic functions. The separate          pumps and motors make Flexi superior in performance to a single pump and motor supplying            both hydraulic requirements
    • Twin motors have a much longer life than a single motor straining under the load.

4 wheel braking

  • Flexi brakes the front wheels through its fully programmable Zapi AC drive system.
    • Flexi brakes the rear wheels mechanically through its Knott manufactured brake system.
    • Flexi’s parking brake is applied to both rear wheels.

Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklift – Extended Warranty is Standard!

  • 3 Years / 3,000 Hours Parts & Labor.
    • 5 Years / 5,000 Hours Parts & Labor Coverage for the Steering Gear.
    • Contact Narrow Aisle Inc. or your local Flexi dealer for complete details.

Long Economic Useful Life.

  • It’s not unusual for Flexi forklifts to still be working reliably long past the normal economic life of          other brands.


Outdoor Flexibility.

Flexi was designed in the UK where they load and unload trailers from the side, outside of the warehouse. It rains a lot in the UK. Consequently the Flexi must be able to work outside in less than perfect weather conditions. It is said that if the operator can handle the conditions, so too can the Flexi

If you’re considering acquiring more real estate, or other forklift options, we recommend that you include Flexi in your analysis too.  The numbers may surprise you!   You’ll find our contact information at our Contact Us page

Why Choose Flexi Articulating Forklifts Instead of Reach Trucks

Flexi very narrow aisle forklifts will typically store 15% to 20% more pallet positions than a reach truck can store in the same amount of space. This will significantly lower your cost per pallet position.

In FEM (European Federation of Materials Handling) testing, the Flexi was able to produce cycle times 37% faster the reach trucks, because there is no reach mechanism. Faster cycle times reduce the number of personnel, and the amount of equipment required to get the job done, which reduces operating costs.

It’s much easier for a conventional truck operator to learn to operate a Flexi than it is to learn to operate a reach truck, because the overall truck design and hydraulic levers are the same as conventional forklifts.

Flexi forklifts cost about 20% less to maintain than reach trucks.

Most people will agree that maintenance expense is directly proportional to the number of moving parts. A Flexi has much fewer moving parts than a reach truck, and the parts are located where they are easier to access on a Flexi when service is required. The reach mechanism requires a lot of maintenance.

A Flexi operator can see the load being handled better than a reach truck operator can see his load. This is because the Flexi operator will pick and place loads at a 90° angle to the machine. Visibility from the side is unobstructed when compared to a reach truck operator trying to see through the mast and reach mechanism. In fact reach trucks operators can often be seen leaning outside of the operator’s compartment to get a better view of the forks or the load being handled.

Outside of the aisle, the Flexi operator’s visibility can be improved in much the same way as it is in the aisle by picking and placing loads at an angle instead of straight ahead, whenever possible.  The reach truck operator is always working from a position behind the mast and reach mechanism where visibility is obstructed.

Another big advantage over reach trucks, depending on the application, is that the Flexi as can be configured to load and unload trailers.

This trailer to rack capability eliminates the expense of additional equipment and personnel needed to operate that equipment.

A reach truck or double reach truck requires staging areas for temporary storage between the dock and the rack.  Because the Flexi Narrow Aisle Lift Truck can work trailer to rack and back, staging areas are not required and additional pallet positions are created.  Narrow Aisle Reach trucks are rarely able to load and unload trailers because of their small front wheels and low ground clearance.

Because the Flexi drives and steers from the front, and the contoured counterweights are located on the sides, the back of the Flexi stays in the aisle.  This reduces costly product and rack damage that can easily occur with a narrow aisle reach forklift.

Reach trucks/forklifts steer from the rear.  The counterweight swing side to side when making turns.  It is this side to side movement that causes most of the rack and product damage that occurs in warehouses.

Flexi can negotiate ramps like more conventional electric forklift trucks with its 12% loaded/16% unloaded climbing capability.  Reach trucks / Reach Forklifts typically are not used on ramps.

If you’re considering a reach truck solution we recommend that you include Flexi in your analysis too.  The numbers may surprise you!   You’ll find our contact information at our Contact Us page.

Why Choose Flexi Articulating Forklift Trucks Instead of Turret Trucks or Swing Reach Trucks

Your investment in a Flexi will normally be about 50% of the cost of a turret truck. But your savings don’t stop there.

A turret truck “system” often requires very expensive flat floors, wire guidance systems, and/or rails on the floor. This adds substantially to the cost of the basic truck. A Flexi needs none of this. The cost of the Flexi is the cost of the system.

Turrent picture

Using a Flexi very narrow aisle forklift will typically yield 85% to 90% of the number of pallet positions when compared to turret and swing reach trucks in the same amount of space. But the intersecting aisle required by a turret trucks is about twice that of a Flexi forklift, so some pallet positions are regained as a result.

If your warehouse has building support columns in the aisles, the Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklift is much more maneuverable than a turret truck, and additional pallet positions are regained.

New operators will find that it’s easier to learn to operate a Flexi Forklift than it is to learn to operate more complicated turret forklifts and drexel forklifts. This is because Flexi requires fewer controls. The Flexi Very Narrow Aisle Forklift has the same number of hydraulic controls as most conventional forklifts, and in similar locations as conventional forklifts.

In order to limit the amount of sway in the mast at higher lift heights, turret,drexel and swing reach trucks typically require much flatter floor tolerances than conventional concrete floors, according to Design and Construction of Concrete Floors, Copyright © 2006, Elservier Ltd.  These floors are much more expensive as a result.  In addition to flatter floors, most systems require the use of expensive imbedded guidance systems and guide rails.

Tile Floor

Because the front end of the Flexi pivots, the load remains stable even on rough floors. This eliminates the need for flat floors, and the added expense of guidance systems and rails.

Modifying existing floors to the tolerances required for turret forklifts and swing reach trucks is more expensive than new construction. The smart decision lies in investing in the Flexi AC Electric narrow aisle forklift.

Contact an expert to determine whether the floors are suitable for use by turret trucks or swing reach trucks.

FEMIn FEM (European Federation of Materials Handling) testing, the Flexi was able to produce cycle times 18% faster than turret and swing reach trucks. Faster cycle times reduce the number of personnel and the amount of equipment required to get the work done. Operating expenses are thereby reduced.

Man up versions of turret forklifts and swing reach trucks are often sold as dual purpose machines that can handle full pallet loads, and pick orders.  If you need to do both functions in your warehouse, and are considering a man up turret truck, please consider the cost of doing both functions with the same truck.  The combined investment to acquire a Flexi, and an order picker is still less than the investment required to purchase a man up turret truck.  Combined maintenance costs for both a Flexi and an order picker will still be less than a turret or swing reach truck.  In addition, the combination of a Flexi with an order picker provides a backup if one of them is out of service.


If you’re considering a turret truck or a swing reach truck solution, we recommend that you include the Flexi narrow aisle forklift in your analysis too.  The numbers may surprise you! You’ll find our contact information at our Contact Us page.

Flexi Forklifts are a leader of the Narrow Aisle and Very Narrow Aisle forklift market.

The Flexi Articulating Forklift directly competes with Bendi Forklifts, Reach Trucks, Turret Trucks, Aisle Master Forklifts, Swing Reach Turret Trucks and Drexel Forklifts.

In most cases the Flexi Forklift will end up providing you with more storage space than you would be able to acquire with the latter, effectively saving you money, time and space.

The Flexi forklift is the ideal Cold Storage Forklift application! Instead of investing in additional costly cold storage warehouse real estate, consider investing in the much more price savvy option, the Flexi Narrow Aisle Electric Forklift.