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Why Choose Flexi Articulating Forklift Trucks Instead of Turret or Swing Reach Trucks

Your investment in a Flexi will normally be about 50% of the cost of a turret truck. But your savings don’t stop there. A turret truck “system” often requires very expensive flat floors, wire guidance systems, and/or rails on the floor. This adds substantially to the cost of the basic truck. A Flexi needs none of this. The cost of the Flexi is the cost of the system.

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Using a Flexi very narrow aisle forklift will typically yield 85% to 90% of the number of pallet positions when compared to turret and swing reach trucks in the same amount of space. But the intersecting aisle required by a turret trucks is about twice that of a Flexi, so some pallet positions are regained as a result.

If your warehouse has building support columns in the aisles, the Flexi is much more maneuverable that a turret truck, and additional pallet positions are regained. New operators will find that it’s easier to learn to operate a Flexi than it is to learn to operate more complicated turret trucks. This is because Flexi requires fewer controls. The Flexi has the same number of hydraulic controls as most conventional forklifts, and in similar locations as conventional forklifts.

In order to limit the amount of sway in the mast at higher lift heights, turret and swing reach trucks typically require much flatter floor tolerances than conventional concrete floors, according to Design and Construction of Concrete Floors, Copyright © 2006, Elservier Ltd.  These floors are much more expensive as a result.  In addition to flatter floors, most systems require the use of expensive imbedded guidance systems and guide rails.

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Because the front end of the Flexi pivots, the load remains stable even on rough floors. This eliminates the need for flat floors, and the added expense of guidance systems and rails.

Modifying existing floors to the tolerances required for turret and swing reach trucks is more expensive than new construction. Contact an expert to determine whether the floors are suitable for use by turret or swing reach trucks.

FEMIn FEM (European Federation of Materials Handling) testing, the Flexi was able to produce cycle times 18% faster than turret and swing reach trucks. Faster cycle times reduce the number of personnel and the amount of equipment required to get the work done. Operating expenses are thereby reduced.

Man up versions of turret and swing reach trucks are often sold as dual purpose machines that can handle full pallet loads, and pick orders.  If you need to do both functions in your warehouse, and are considering a man up turret truck, please consider the cost of doing both functions with the same truck.  The combined investment to acquire a Flexi, and an order picker is still less than the investment required to purchase a man up turret truck.  Combined maintenance costs for both a Flexi and an order picker will still be less than a turret or swing reach truck.  In addition, the combination of a Flexi with an order picker provides a backup if one of them is out of service.

If you’re considering a turret or swing reach truck solution we recommend that you include Flexi in your analysis too.  The numbers may surprise you!   You’ll find our contact information at our Contact Us page.